24 May 2013

Gilding the lily

Hello. It has been a while. Here's a small list of things what I done of late...

AAF Battersea was good. I didn't sell well but it was a good experience.

Also in March, I got "Going Outside" into a show at the RWA. I was very pleased to be chosen. Its a great show - all drawing and mark making of some sort or other. Its on until 2nd June and well worth a visit.

During April I was wrote a pitch for a large scale paper installation. It was for a grand hall in a National Trust House in Somerset. I didn't win, but again, it was a really valuable experience. I've made contact with some good people through it. Also it got my brain really working and pushed some of my ideas in a new direction. 

Then earlier in May, I did the North Somerset Arts Trail. My friend Amy Shiner  and I showed our work in Amy's house.  I had lots of fun hanging out with a friend and avoiding my own housework! We even made a bit of money.

I'm tempted to stay true to the blog form and "tell all" how terribly busy I've been and how life is just a whirlwind! But...

Life is quite mundane most of the time, I find. My artwork is about trying to find some beauty and purpose in that. Instead of gilding the lily, I gilded this paper cut clothes peg instead.

More sooner, maybe.

6 March 2013

Going Outside

This is the final one done for AAF Battersea. It was a longer haul to the finish line, than I thought it would be.

I've had a better go at describing the folds where the fabric is double in places. The next plan is to do lots of smaller pieces - both experimental in ideas and process. I never thought I could stick with one material for any length of time. But I've developed a real fetish for paper.

I'm off to London to the see the show on Saturday and also to go to Falkiners, the best paper shop in the world.

27 February 2013

In progress for Battersea AAF

My latest paper cut in progress. I'm doing this post to try and gee myself on a bit. 

The grid like pattern is a taking a bit more patience than I anticipated. This is part of the first half almost finished.

The second half has more folds so it should take a bit less time.  In theory...

21 February 2013

All the work while crying.

I'm showing my work with Stark Fine Art at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea, London. There are over 100 galleries exhibiting and it's a really brilliant day out even if you don't want to buy anything.

Its on from 7th - 10 March.

So. After a January spent playing or "researching", I'm now working on 2 new pictures. A courier's coming to collect them next Friday so it's a race against time as usual! 

I'm full of new ideas at the moment. I'm working on lots of small things really trying to push what I'm doing in another direction. It still involves removing material from sheets of paper so not too much of a departure. 

I do love paper.

10 February 2013


A couple of weeks ago I was directed to this by another blog.

This really got me thinking...

Many people out there believe that having a good eye for appreciating other peoples stuff will make them a good artist. Its not about taste. Your good taste will only get you so far, and by that I mean maybe a toe in the door of being creative.

The work out there that's really great comes from within the individual who made it. 

At art school, in lieu of any critical analysis, some tutors would look at my work and then suggest I go to the library and look at 2 or 3 artists that they deemed similar to me. I tried to ignore what other people were doing. It can actually be quite dispiriting to see someone who is in a similar territory as you and has resolved the things that you have not. And very difficult to find your own individual solution once you've seen theirs.

Look at your own experience rather than your taste. Work inspired by someone else's will be just a dilute version of their work. 

Show people how you see the world. You have an opportunity to make something new, that no one else has seen yet! 

If you want what you make to live up to your ambitions, then work out what those ambitions are. What are you trying to say? How do you want people to feel when they look at your work? Keep this in the forefront of your mind and ask yourself time and again, what percentage of this are you acheiving? This way you stay aware of heading down a blind alley of churning stuff out for the sake of it. If you lose sight of what you are doing then just keep working and you will find a new ambition. 

The bit about making a great volume of work is very true. You move forward through doing, not thinking.  
It takes forever and if you're lucky you'll never quite get there. Its all in the chase!

16 December 2012

Its Christmas time...

...and there's no need to be afraid - apparently.

The few weeks before Christmas I usually feel like I'm being chased by bears. This year is no different. Please don't think I'm being a humbug. As soon as the girls and lovely man are on holiday, I love it. And once all the work is done, I am as excited as the children. It is probably the dark days. Living in a village with no streetlights really doesn't help. At about 5ish the day is done. I can see why people in the higher latitudes turn to alcohol at midwinter. 

This year, like every other, I'm excited about a few decoration ideas. I cut out the green foliage with my paper robot and pimped my mirror with lights. The dear came from a craft sale at a friend's house. I suspect he'll be up all year.

I'm feeling brave putting this up here. My living room is quite strange. You could call it vintage but I think probably not. A combination of original 1968 carpet and wallpaper (which don't go together) and our inherited chintzy sofa and furniture. Not a place to hang out with a migraine! But, its got an open fire so that makes it okay by me.

I'm working on a mistletoe decoration. I might even get it finished before Christmas! Still got hopes for some sort of retail situation for my paper mobiles and other stuff still in my brainbox. Next year maybe...

Now I'm off to sip something by the fire.

11 December 2012

"Playing With Scissors" at Store Street

Point 35 is an exhibiton of smaller works at Store Street Gallery, London until 24 December. 

This piece is there along with some other of my things...

Playing with  Scissors

The show has been up for a little while but I've been so busy with other stuff I've neglected the poor blog!