26 November 2010

1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 31........

31? Yep 31. Bizarre....

Bear with me here, its complicated but it is interesting.

That's what you get if you start with a circle and draw 1 single dot on the circumference. One area in the circle. If you then draw another dot and join them, you get 2 areas in the circle. Carry on drawing another dot and join each dot to all the others on the circumference. Count the separate areas each time. What comes next? I couldn't be bothered drawing it out beyond 6 points, but the answer is 57.

This is what you get if you put a artist/graphic designer who's into geometry, together with a scientist and give them alcohol on a school night. Bill did try and explain the series but its a bit beyond me. Interesting though.

25 November 2010

Baubley Christmas

Every Christmas I get busy starting various Christmassy stuff. It  hardly ever amounts to much - a card maybe if anyone's lucky. This year's been a bit "baubley".

The fiddly bit is based on a window in Notre Dame. I did it a while ago, when I started getting a bit obsessed with paper cutting and the potential of electronic dye cutting machines.... More of that to come.

 I like patterns and geometry - a fairly long standing thing. It might have started when my mum used to buy my sister and I these Altair Design Colouring Books.

22 November 2010


I have thought about doing a blog for a couple of years but haven't found the time or commitment. This is a place for me to share thoughts and ideas, have a rant or just post something I have found of interest.

I feel quite sure what I don't want it to turn into.

I'm not sure exactly what it will become...