About me

"We had compulsions that made us confuse shopping with creativity, to take downers and assume that merely renting a video on a Saturday night was enough. But now that we live here in the desert, things are much, much better."
                                                                                          Douglas Coupland, "Generation X" (1991)

In 1991 I was 18. Idealistic and in my first year at art school. I studied Fine Art and made thorough use of the freedom that it gave me. Then for 10 years I worked freelance as an fx artist in film and video in London and learnt how to be a creative professional.

Now, with a young family and having moved from the city to a desert of sorts, life is very different. My dual preoccupations are that of a mother and artist. Its a challenge of sorts. No more or less than that of other humans wearing different hats, but those are the concerns you will read about here.

I try to be thankful when I get those moments of being totally immersed in the flow of making something.

My time constraints and the nature of the manufacturing process mean that the work takes a while to make. My ideas become more distilled during this time so I hope it makes the artwork stronger than if I was bashing them out a dozen a week.

This blog is for recording thoughts, work in progress, exhibitions, etc.

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