19 March 2011

Those magnificent men in their flying machines

Gotta love Terry Thomas
... up tiddly up, up
... down tiddly down, down.

Roller coasters,
Fear and fun, fun and fear.
Making art?
Sort of similar.

Got paper, got scalpel, got frames,
got TIME - for once!
got a crisis of confidence.

The pressure to perform eh?
My very expensive new paper cuts sooo easily and its a bit scary how easy it is to make mistakes.
There is no Ctrl Z with this,
one mistake and its in the bin.

Got to get stuff made over the weekend.
Onwards and upwards...


  1. Go on with yer girl! I really wanna see some finished work. x

  2. Cheers lady. I can't wait too. Feels like its going somewhere at last. Got tons of new stuff at the design stage. Might be doing "Made in Bristol" design fair at Colston Hall in April. Not sure if I'll have enough stuff though. Really got to get me finger out!

  3. exciting .....:)vicx