21 May 2011

The First Big Weekend

I refer to this post.

Not the track by Arab Strap, but what is for me, the 1st big weekend of the year - putting my work out there in public.
It went well, lots of really positive comments and I met some really lovely people.
Special thanks to all the people I know who made the effort to come along, especially Lou from Littlegreenshed for agreeing to take some decent pictures of my work.
Special thanks again to Vicx at Paper Village for letting me use the space, and for creating such a hub of creativity in South Bristol.

Tomorrow I'm off exploring the Arts Trail with friends and family. I'll report back later...


  1. Wow these are utterly incredible! I adore the coathangers- I have no idea how you go about them- quite amazing!

  2. AnonymousMay 24, 2011

    Hi! What a beautiful place to visit!
    Love your entire banner presentation and
    creations! Awesome!
    Found you by way of Kickcan & Conckers.
    cheers.... :* )

  3. Such beautiful works! I wish one of them hung on my wall.
    Found you through Lou, will definitely be stopping by again :)