19 March 2012

Motherboards and motherhood

I'm typing this on a Dell keyboard on a machine running Windows 2000 and I'm not especially pleased about it!

Yesterday, my Mac went pop and it won't reboot. I'm taking it to the hospital this week but strongly suspect that the motherboard is kaput. Without funds to purchase a shiny new one, I'm resigning myself to having 2 shit machines to do the job of one average one; an ancient G4 mac to make artwork and this for the internet.

I've also been having a bit of a crisis in my work lately, trying to get back to some artistic habitat I lived in before children. And hey, the G4 just took me straight back there! I replaced it whilst pregnant first time round so its free of bookmarks for mumsnet or excel spreadsheets referencing school stuff, etc. If I were overly optimistic (I'm not) I'd say its serendipitous!

The novelty will surely run out in about 15 minutes creating an incentive to sell some pictures and  get a new one. Until then I'll be mostly using a pen and pencil...

Gil Gerard, nice!

To donate to the cause of bringing me - Buck Rogers style - back into the 21st Century, look out for my Etsy shop opening soon!

For the musings of a desperate house husband neighbour with a keen interest in forest gardens and raising kids in the country check out Diary of A Country House Husband.

See, I'm not the only blogger in the village!

(I really hope this looks okay on a 'modern' browser. The whole thing could be in comic sans for all I know.)


  1. Jeeze did he really wear those tight trousers? I can't remember that. Things that as a child you see as normal! I can't stop staring! Good news you are back to creating again and an etsy shop soon. Bad news about the mac. I only use a laptop...it can be done. xx

    1. Yep, I'm ashamed to admit that I'm finding it a bit arousing! I

      ts been a bit of a slog getting back to it. I got a day in the studio for Mothers' Day and spent it dismantling my computer. I've started some drawings of animals so I'll persevere with a pen!

      Loving your illustrations, looking forward to seeing more xx

  2. Nothing wrong with a pen and paper!! My computer often gets the comment 'I used to have one of those' when people first see it and I have to reply 'Well I still have...'

    Looking forward to the Etsy shop too...

    1. Thanks,

      I bet yours has more than one web font though!
      Its good to get back to basics. 'Cleansing', even!


  3. What is it about the future and tight trousers - why won't we all be wearing kaftans in the 22nd century? Good to see old tec releasing creativity - we like Lomo style blogs!