2 December 2010

About Me (in progress)

"We live small lives on the periphery; we are marginalized and there's a great deal in which we choose not to participate. We wanted silence and we have that silence now. We arrived here speckled in sores and zits, our colons so tied in knots that we never thought we'd have a bowel movement again. Our systems had stopped working, jammed with the odor of copy machines, Wite-Out, the smell of bond paper, and the endless stress of pointless jobs done grudgingly to little applause. We had compulsions that made us confuse shopping with creativity, to take downers and assume that merely renting a video on a Saturday night was enough. But now that we live here in the desert, things are much, much better."
                                                                                                            Douglas Coupland, Generation X (1991)

In 1991 I was 18. I went to Art School, tuned in and dropped out - well not out of college but we  tried to tune out the corporate background noise and make some things with some meaning. I did well and left with a good degree. After studying digital imaging, film making and animation, I went off to London to seek my fortune and chain myself to a Mac.

For 10 years I worked freelance in the film and video industry. I've learned the language associated with being a designer and talking to corporate people. I met some great people and made some work that I'm proud of, but its not what I ever set out to do.

In the last 4 years I have had 3 children. My life is very different - dealing with the needs of a family and trying to remain a creative person. Its a challenge. I have more ideas and less time than ever, but time limit can be a good thing. When I get down to it, I faff less.

Most of what I've been doing is unfinished. I'm pottering but with a direction. It makes no sense to anyone but I can see some common threads running through it all - sometimes. Maybe this blog will put it in a context where I can see things a bit better.