6 December 2010

Christmas Past

Like I said, I always try to do some sort of Christmas card. Before I had children, it would be some Photoshop extravaganza and I'd spend hours on it. Its loads faster to just set up something, take a picture and then just do a bit of a tweak in Photoshop....

This one was just after Daughter No 1 was born - the pregnancy was still fresh in my mind.

This is the year after. A bit more muck about.

2008. I am particularly proud of the bags. I found a commercial design template for full size ones and did them in Photoshop, with logos. Very fiddly to stick together!

Last year, I did a few different things including these angels with various heads. Sorry about the bad photography!

 I have no idea what said card may look like this year. The baubley thing was fun to do but looks a bit like wrapping paper.  I am up to my eyeballs in stuff so I may just send some from the supermarket.

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