20 February 2011

Be thankful

I had the idea to make light blue neon sign saying, "be thankful" about 6 months ago after a medium sized hospital stay. Its been a tough year for a variety of reasons and I want to be reminded of how lucky I am everyday.  

My daughter spent a night in hospital last week. After IV fluids and antibiotics, she is definitely on the mend. This is my next papercut. I'm forgetting the other stuff for now.

Today Bill, did a big tidy of the garden, cutting back all the dead stuff from winter. This fell from one of the trees...

Like a birds nest from your imagination.

So perfect - soft inside and the outside is glued together with clay. Its very light. After we all had a good look, Bill put it back in case it might be reused again, this year.

So there you have it, another corner turned. Spring's around the next one... 


  1. Hi, lovely post Sam. Poor little S and you all. Yes February can serously F off as far as I am concerned. It has been a tough tough month. I would love to see this as a screen print or as sign... it would be sweeeeet!

    Next week, would love to come & play. Only free on Friday pm, as have other commitments and I work Mon & Tues.... so yes if you are around and S is up to it.
    Have a great week lovely.
    Lou x

  2. A beautiful form, and lovely texture. (Just come here from Blipland for a visit. Nice blog.)