14 February 2011

St Valentine

This is my effort. Started it a couple of days ago with plans. Its wholly dependant on symmetry as I have no time to do both halves of anything today. Daughter still very unwell and I can't be ignoring my children in order to draw pretty pictures on my computer.

Feeling like a half hearted artist and a shitty mum. Can't do anything wholehearted today.

Sorry. Back later with some cheer, maybe.


  1. big hugs. You are neither.. by the way. Great mum & cool artist... this is great! x

  2. Fab Sam :) I am loving your blog x

  3. Cheers. How goes it after the housemove? Hope you are well Donna kebab xx

  4. that is lovely ..how do I follow you ..cant get on that bit ....
    i finished my pop up card for kev.now working on learning how to do x pop ups..they look exciting ..but i went od ff and baked a cake :)

    do you know they cut those mexican cuts outs using piles of tissue paper and sharp chisles ..!!!vicx

  5. Cheers Lou. Its tricky with 3 at home - baby, toddler and poorly S. Trying to split myself too many ways.

    Yeah Vicx about Mexican thingies. I googled it after you posted on my wall. Bloomin' amazing. Thanks so much for following me. Didn't think I'd care if anyone did, but it is cool to know people are looking. I'll be in in the week if Scarlett is back at school. :o( x