11 February 2011

Hangers, hangers

I should be hanging up laundry. Instead I'm doing this...
...and to anyone in the know, yes, I am using Illustrator version 10! Hey it works. Will try and cut it out later if I can keep my eyes open after putting kinder to bed.

Vicx at Paper Village is going to show my stuff in her shop during the Bristol Southbank Arts Trail. I am very excited.

Anyways, back to the cuddling my children between mindless toil...


  1. yay! this is fabulous news! Vicx loves paper dont she! loux

  2. i love this one ...id like it really big Vicx

  3. so pretty ... love the whisks as well x

  4. Cheers. I've done another hangers one - a bit more concise. I'll cut it and put it up inthe week. Also got a Valentines project on the go...